Monday, June 1, 2015

Christmas break

David had a whole 2 weeks off from work! It was so good to have him home during the day and be able to do so much with all the family. Kade came home on the 10th and it was the first time in 3 years that we were all under the same roof again. David's brother Joseph came home on December 31 and it was a lot of fun to have most of the family home to welcome him home!

We made a trip up to the cabin for a few days after Christmas

Making Gingerbread houses with the babies

Crew loves watching TV :)

The babies were so good while we were getting pedicures with the girls! Crew was a tropper for tagging along. Everyone loved stopping and talking to them! I love these Christmas babies!

Eppich tradition of caroling to neighbors

Merry Christmas! I made our stockings this year and was so excited how they turned out!

Uncle Kade meeting Crew & Campbell for the first time! Returning from Ghana Accra Mission

Othello 1st ward Christmas Party

Eppich Cabin

Babies first snow! They loved it!

BC 1st ward Christmas Party

Wayne Eppich Family Christmas Party at the Connell bowling alley

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