Friday, March 16, 2012

Proposal Story

Since everyone has been asking how David proposed, I thought I would write it all down and kill two birds with one stone by also making a blog :)

It was Thursday night (3/8/12) and I got off work around 5. David texted me earlier and asked if I wanted to go to PFChangs that night. Sounds great! I automatically started getting nervous/excited because I suspected he would propose! I knew the ring was ready the week before, so I was looking for any hint of it coming.

We went to dinner about 7. Earlier in the week, David mentioned that his brother, Benny, had given him a gift certificate to PFChangs for Christmas and that we should use it soon. Also, David had been sick all week, being allergic to the pain pills he was prescribed and Thursday was the first day he could keep food down and finally had his appetite back! While we were eating, I asked David why he chose tonight to go out to dinner. (We usually don't go out to eat, especially since he broke his leg, plus I was fishin for any sign to know if tonight was the night ;)) He said why do you think? So, I told him the two reason I mentioned above and he didn't buy it. "Are you sure that's the only reason you think we are going out tonight?" I confessed and said it had crossed my mind that he may propose tonight. He wasn't acting any different, he didn't seem nervous at all and he just smiled and insinuated he hadn't picked the ring up yet.

After dinner, I wanted to go to Walmart and pick up a few things; including glue on nails because I thought we'd for sure be engaged within a week. Ha. By the time we got back to David's apt, it was 9:30pm and he was helping me with my nails. I figured he definitely wouldn't be proposing tonight since it was so late. So, I kept teasing him and making comments how we weren't engaged yet and he's never going to get the ring since he's on bed rest and so I would go pick it up myself haha. Then, he said, "well do you want me to propose?" Well ya, of course I do! So then he said okay lets go on a road trip. I went along with it, wondering what he was going to do because I didn't really think he would propose.

We got in the car and he drove to Smiths where he bought a dozen roses and asked me to go look for a cheap ring that he could propose to me with, since he didn't have the real deal. I immediately started getting mad and thought he was just doing this because I wanted him to and because he didn't have anything planned. I couldn't find a ring at Smiths, so he said alright lets go look at Walmart. The whole ride to Walmart I was freaking out. I kept saying, "don't do this! Don't do this, you don't even have this planned! This isn't going to end well!" I thought he was just winging it and again, only doing it because I wanted him to. He played off of me freaking out and said no I'll just do it, I know you really want to get engaged. Oh brother, here come the water works haha, I was so mad.

Surprisingly, Walmart didn't have a ring for less than $50! We tried our luck on a quarter machine in the arcade and still couldn't get one; so he said, "lets just go, I want to show you something." I followed him to the parking lot, he went to the driver's seat, handed me his crutches (to put in the back seat) and reached into his pocket for something.

Me: "David Walker! You are not proposing to me in the Walmart parking lot!!!!"

David: (laughing) "I'm not! (he pulled the keys out of his pocket) Just get in the car and lets go."

Oh man, I would have DIED! We started heading towards Provo Canyon (he started getting texts from a few people, so I took this as a good sign that he had something planned and maybe had Kortneigh setting something up.) I knew for sure that tonight he'd be proposing and he knew that I knew. He then went on to tell me the different places he had thought about popping the question and finally settled at Mt. Timpanogus Park where we had been once before. (He thought it was funny because he wanted to go on a walk early this semester, and I may have overreacted because I thought "go for a walk" that's always BAD news!!) He literally just wanted to be out of the house.

We get to the park and I see two people run and hide behind the bushes. (His brother Daniel, and roommate Brandon were setting up and the ones texting David. They also left to set up when David and I left to Smiths, so David was stalling for them until he got the okay that everything was ready.) We get out of the car and he takes me to the entrance and tells me to turn around and wait for him (to place the roses.) He comes back a couple minutes later and leads me to the beginning of this maze that was set up. There were four pillars at the entrance and a big web/maze was set up between them. It reminded me of Sherlock Holmes 2 where Sherlock Holmes has the big conspiracy web set up with pictures, maps and newspapers connected together with string.

We took pictures of it, but it was too dark to see the web. I followed the string through the web, there were 12 roses throughout it. At each rose (David was sitting down at the end of the web) he told me something that he loved about me. It was taking a while to get through the web, so at about rose 8 David asked me to just stop and come help him up. ( I don't think he could think of 12;)) Also, if I would have gotten to the end of the web, the string led to David and was hooked on his belt loop. As I go to help him up, he instead drops to one knee, pulls out THE RING and asks me to marry him! I couldn't believe he had it!!! I was so surprised and of course I said YES!

We will be getting married Thursday, July 19 in the Columbia River Washington Temple. :)


  1. yeah! You got a blog and I got to hear your story:0 So excited for you guys!

  2. Yay for the engagement story! It's nice to hear some details from the girl's side - You can imagine how little of the "juicy" stuff we hear about over here! ;)

  3. oh how fun! i love hearing engagement stories! And I'm so glad you have a blog! Good luck with wedding plans!

  4. What a cute engagement story!! The walmart part was hilarious and i love how you yelled at him for pulling out the care keys. LOL very cute and congrats- you are an adorable family!!