Monday, April 23, 2012


School's out for Summer!
Last Thursday, David and I finished our finals and are done for a few months. It's weird to think that next semester we will be going to school as a married couple! On Thursday and Friday, we packed up all our stuff, dropped if off at our aunts houses for storage, and checked out of our apartments.

Some of the highlights of this semester were getting engaged and winning the intramural basketball championship! :)

My mom flew in Thursday night for my cousin Taylor's wedding. His wedding was Saturday, so we got to spend time with our cousins doing lots of shopping! It was so much fun. We went to several different malls trying to find outfits for Kortneigh, Karigan and my mom to wear for my wedding. That has been the hardest part of the whole planning! Their dresses were 10x harder to find than my own! But, we finally did at our last stop to JCPenneys. Thank heavens!

Friday afternoon, Karie insisted that we go to Tai Pan because it is such a cute crafty store and ensured me that I would find ideas for centerpiece. My mom has already found the table cloths and perfect overlays, but I was clueless about the centerpieces. Sure enough we found everything I wanted! I am so excited! The centerpieces were stressful for me because I had no idea what I wanted and couldn't find anything on Pinterest that I felt like I could do on my own. I think these will turn out really cute :)

Sunday morning we got up early and made the drive home. I am so glad to be home! We just have little details to plan now for the wedding; I feel like everything is pretty much done at this point.

While we are home, David will be busy all summer working on the family farm. Hopefully I will be able to see him a couple times a week. This will be a change from seeing him everyday at school!

I came home to our house completely different. The builders are right in the middle of this new addition to our house. My time will be spent helping my mom with the yard for the reception and moving back into the house!

87 days until I become Mrs. David Walker :)


  1. What the heck you counted!? Why, that seems so much longer than just saying 3 months haha.. Sweet! Love the update