Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We're Married!

We have been married for almost 2 months and can't believe how fast its gone! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding. We had great help decorating the reception, and PERFECT weather! 

Our family minus Elder Eppich + baby Kelly (in the oven :)

Eppich side

Walker Family pictures

After our wedding weekend, we went to our annual family reunion at Priest Lake. It's always a blast getting together with cousins, staying up late, playing games, boating and laying out :) Because we couldn't get enough of it, David and I went up again the next week for his family reunion. Ha. Except this time we were in tents. Which was different but so much fun to experience another way at the Lake. David has TONS of cousins on both the Walker and Roylance side, so it always makes for a great time... and test for me to remember everyone :)

We are now living in Provo and going to school. I'm in my last semester of classes and am so excited to be done! David still has a couple years left. Since being here, craigslist and provo free cycle have been our best friends! It is so fun to find good deals and decorate/furnish our own apartment! 

Last week we got to go on our Honeymoon! We waited till September 3 to go on our Caribbean cruise :) We found a great deal and better prices on flights for Labor day weekend. We missed a week of classes, but I think it was worth it! Maybe because I only have classes 2 days a week :) More pictures and details to come, once our pictures are developed! We both were first time cruisers and really enjoyed it.  

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