Thursday, August 22, 2013

Winter Semester 2013

Finally a College Grad! On April 26 I graduated from BYU! This semester was really nice with just a couple GE classes and my internship. It feels great not to have any more classes :) It was a great weekend with my parents, Kortneigh and Bree here. We went shopping, had facials and scalp massages, rented RedBox movies, went to lunch at the park and the traditional Brick Oven! My parents always spoil us when they visit!

One of my best friends in college, MeKell Brady! We both graduated in Public Health with a Bachelors of Science Degree.

A couple weeks ago David's cousin, Jerry, got married! We got to go home and be with family for the weekend. This picture was at the luncheon Friday.

This Spring term has been so much fun! David is taking a really hard OChem class that is two hours everyday, plus studying for DAT that he takes the end of June. Okay fun for me :) But somehow we have found time to do lots of hikes and repelling. These pictures were from our hike to Squaw Peak that ended up being a lot harder than I expected! (I need to remember to take pics of us before the hike when I look decent, instead of after! ha) It took us 4 hours to go up and back. The last third of the hike was pretty steep. I can't find the view overlooking Provo, but we were so high making everything look so small!

David and a few of his friends went down to St George the week before finals for a camping/canyoneering weekend trip. It was such nice weather for them! They hiked up about 4 hours and got to repel 12 cliffs/ledges to make it back down. Some of the repels were landing in waist deep water. It was really fun for them!

Unfortunately, one of the friends discovered he was scared of heights on the way down Ha! So it took them all afternoon and into the night to get down and they barely caught the last shuttle down the mountain. I was expecting a call from David to be on his way home around 3pm, but instead didn't hear from him til 10pm. I was definitely assuming the worst and had no idea what to do!  I was so relieved to finally get a call from David. Regardless, I'm glad he got to go and have fun!
One of our hikes to bridal veil falls. This starts up by Sundance in Provo. This was my kind of hike; pretty easy and short. :)

                                                                                                 David & I at the Provo Temple

In February, some of Holly's kids got to stay the week with us. We had lots of fun with them here. We took them up to campus and showed them David's classes, all the statues of Cosmo the Cougar, and fun experiments in the science building. One of their last days with us, the weather was nice enough that we all hiked the Y! I couldn't believe we all made it up there! David and I switched off carrying Drew and the other would drag Rick and Emily up when they started getting tired. We packed a lunch and bribed them to make it to the top! I think they thought it was worth it in the end.

 My intramural basketball team. We made it to the semi finals! We had a hard time getting our whole team to every game but as reigning champs we were hoping to make it to the championship again. Oh well, maybe next year! I really look forward to intramurals and being on the team with my cousin, Sarah!

 After living in Utah for 4 years, we FINALLY made a trip to Idaho for the weekend! We went with Sarah and Dexter and got to stay with my aunt and uncle. We toured BYUI campus, went shooting and ate dinner at the famous Big Judds. As you can tell, David was really excited to order this massive burger! I was really excited that we got to meet up with one of my best friends Kyle and his wife Janae, who are both going to school there. Kyle and I grew up together and were next door neighbors.

The last night there, we had a pizza party with all the family that lives in Idaho. I hope my younger siblings go to visit Idaho more often than I did, we had a blast!

 One of David's previous roommates invited us to their single adult activity at the 7 Peaks Ice Rink. You can see David's battle wound on his cheek from ice hockey haha. It was so fun tho! I don't think anyone noticed we were married. Gotta love free date nights! ;)

In March I got to fly home for Karigan's Jr Miss program and meet my first niece, Bree Michelle Kelly! She's so cute and precious, it was hard to leave! Karigan did an amazing job and was one of the finalist! She was also Miss Congeniality. Her dress was gorgeous!

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