Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1+1 = 4

                                                    15 weeks. Due date - May 6

I guess now is a good time to start catching up on my blog! We are going to be parents to 2 twin babies! From the beginning....

I found out we were expecting the end of August. The day we left Washington for the summer to come back to school. We were both so excited and good thing we were leaving or else I would have slipped and told all my family and pregnant sisters in law! I hadn't really felt any symptoms till about week 7 or 8(other than not having an appetite). That's when the nausea hit! I constantly had ginger ale and saltines to keep something in my stomach.

                                                                7 weeks

My first ultra sound appointment was scheduled for September 27. We had decided to celebrate my birthday that day since David had class from 7am-9pm, on my actual bday- the 26th. It was an awesome day! My appointment was first thing in the morning and I had to convince David to come with me instead of study. We left a half hour early to make it there early to fill out all the paperwork. The office ended up being in the hospital which we had no idea so I was driving around crazy to find the place. We walked in 5 min late to the appt and I was seen within 15 min. David was studying in the waiting room and came in when the dr started the U/S. The dr found the first baby right away which made me feel comforted, shortly after, he non chalantly said, "I think there's another baby in here....yep there's definitely 2 babies!" Holy smokes are u serious! We were in shock! I kept laughing and looking over at David smiling and the dr couldn't get a good reading cause I just kept laughing. I kept thinking this isn't real, what are the odds of a twin having twins!

                                                1st ultrasound. This is an awful picture of a picture but if you look closely you can see the line separating the 2 sacs in the top picture.

Both babies were measuring 8.5 weeks so we decided we couldn't wait any longer and called our families with the news! (We wanted to wait till 9 weeks until we told our families). The day before the U/S I had sent out a baby announcement to our parents and it obviously hadn't gotten to them yet, but we both didn't want to wait over the weekend till they got the mail on Monday.

The top left picture is the one we sent our parents. You can see we have since modified the wording :)

Since then the morning sickness came and stayed for a couple weeks. It was nothing like my moms first pregnancy were she was sick till 20 weeks, so I'm really grateful! Now at 15 weeks I only get sick about once a week and have been feeling great!

                                                                 14 weeks

I couldn't believe the difference in the U/S picture of our babies at our second appointment! You could actually tell they were babies! Baby A's heartbeat was 144 and measuring 7 days bigger than my due date. This baby was super active during the U/S and you can see him (i'm convinced I am having one boy and one girl) stretching his legs. So cute!

Baby B's heart beat was 158, girl! haha. Just a guess. This baby was way more content with staying in one position. Also measuring bigger than the due date by 3 days. I'm excited to see the measurements of the babies at the next U/S. Below is the only picture I have of the two together. It's a top view of their heads side by side.

My next appointment is November 21, next Thursday! I am so excited for it! I will be 16.5 weeks and could possibly be able to find out the genders. Now I feel more normal about the fact we're having twins because that's all I know! It's not so foreign to me.

Some of my cravings and not so friendly foods are:

-Anything made at a restaurant; it sounded great because I didn't have to make it, and I could get it right then. But that's nothing new haha
-KFC mashed potatoes and gravy
-anywhere with a salad bar (I was literally crying one day because all I wanted was a salad and we didn't have any) haha
-red robin steak fries and sauce :)
- Mac n Cheese (for the 1st trimester)
-wheat thins and cottage cheese

-sweets; candy and desserts for some odd reason
-the smell of our garbage liners
-the smell of lysol wipes
-the burning smell when you blow out a candle


  1. HAHA those "dislikes" crack me up, some of them are so random! lol.. I can't wait for your next appointment!! I feel just as excited (maybe more) for your appointments as I was for mine!

  2. I am still so excited for you! The odds of a twin having twins is super high and that also makes your odds for a repeat twin pregnancy super high :) Watch out you could have 4 kids under the age of 2 ;) Glad you're feeling pretty good.