Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gender reveal party

On Thursday, Karigan and I went in for my ultrasound. I was so anxious for it to get here and I think the last time I'll ever schedule an afternoon appointment haha. The babies switched rolls that day. Baby A had a higher heart rate and was much more calm than last time. The heart rate was 152. Baby B was very active and turning all over the place. (I still haven't felt movement yet). Baby B heart rate was 147. So at this time I was convinced they were 2 girls! The ultrasound tech found baby A gender really fast but had to chase down baby B to find out because of all the movement! David was in class till 8:30pm so I had the tech put the genders in an envelope to reveal that night. Kortneigh had convinced me to throw a gender party and I loved my cousin kacie's balloon idea. It was so much fun!

We're having a boy and a girl!! After the U/S we are were convinced they were 2 girls. But needless to say, David is THRILLED to be getting his little boy :)

Journal portion for me to remember:

After the U/S it was really hard not to look in the envelope. Karigan and  I went to the dollar store for balloons and streamers. We then went to Zurchers to buy the big balloons and have them filled with confetti. Pink for girl and blue for boy. I brought 2 of each color to the check out and handed them the envelope. They charged me for 2, I paid and then left for 20 minutes so I wouldn't see or hear any of what was going on. Also, they were out of black balloons so brown was the next darkest. You could still see through tho, so we ended up putting a solid black balloon inside the brown so I wouldn't be tempted to peak :)

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