Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holiday Season

We had so much fun finishing up last semester and going home for the Holidays! We made our first trip back to Washington for Thanksgiving. I don't even remember what we did because it seems so long ago. David finished classes on Tuesday and we drove home with good roads and got in early Wednesday morning. Thursday we spent Thanksgiving at a big Eppich/Taylor/Naef Reunion at the stake center across from the Temple. It was fun to be with lots of family! There was a great turnout. The next day David and his brothers went bow hunting in Yakima. They didn't get anything but had a great time. I think it's awesome so many of them get to come home for the holidays and spend time together! We went back to Provo on Sunday after sacrament meeting. 

David practicing shooting his bow

While in Utah for 2 weeks for the last week of classes, reading days and finals we had ultrasound appointments, went to dinner and saw a couple of movies in the dollar theatre. (We love the $1 theatre and will def miss it once we leave provo!) We figured might as well get in as many dates as possible till our lives change forever.... in a good way :)

19 weeks. I have started to feel the babies kick!

20 weeks - uterus measuring 25 weeks. Yikes!

Everything has been great so far with my pregnancy! Some days I even forget I have two babies in my stomach! I can pretty much do all the normal things I did before I was prego. At my last u/s my blood pressure was borderline high and so I went in the next day to check it again and same results. So unfortunately I have to be monitored closely for preeclamsia and did the base line testing for it just in case my blood pressure does raise more. The bummer is I can't do anything about it with diet and exercise. My doctor said it's common with twin pregnancies because there are 2 placentas fighting for my blood flow. Since Day 1 Kortneigh has encouraged me to exercise and eat healthy during my pregnancy and that I'd be so happy I did after the babies come; so I thought for sure my weight gain and blood pressure would be great since I was being healthy. 

The babies are already switching places on us, literally! They switched sides but the doctor thinks they've made their "nest" and are staying there for good till delivery. I'm already confused which one is Baby A and which one was Baby B. Good thing there's a boy and a girl ;) * My mom painted my nails once we were born so she could tell Kortneigh and I apart. Oh and another side note, the babies are both head down which is ideal positioning, so hopefully they stay!

David did great on his finals and in all his classes! His semester was the toughest yet! 18 credits; 15 of them being science classes. He was constantly studying! He's such a good student. I think we are both glad this semester will be much more enjoyable! 

David enjoying his break from school and getting a chance to finally read something he wants -- the hobbit :)

After finals we drove back up to Washington for a 2 week break! The first week we stayed with my family. We split Christmas day between both families and went to a Roylance Christmas dinner on the 26th. We continued one of our family traditions of making christmas candy and going caroling! Something we would prob enjoy more if we didn't have to wear these Santa hats haha j/k. At least my mom got rid of our blinking rudolph noses this year ;) We love going around and visiting neighbors in the community during this time. Some other highlights this week was our annual Wayne Eppich party, seeing cousins, getting to skype and call Kade and Kraymer (!!!!), watching lots of football and movies in the theater room, playing tons of cards, going out to Red Lobster, bowling and being with baby Bree and all the family. I love this time of year!

I was so curious as to how Bree would react toward me, hoping she wouldn't be shy and would let me hug and hold her! She definitely did! Poor Bree was confused at first thinking I was her mommy. I loved it though :) Every time Bree would wake up, everyone would fight over who got to go get her from her crib. Can you tell she's the first grandbaby?? She was totally the boss in our house haha.

The second week we got to spend with the Walkers. This was so fun as well but so different from being at my house with only 7 people. We had at least 30 family members home this week and it was so fun to see and play with everyone! Whenever we get together, we always do a couple's game night, girl's night, the men go shooting, get a basketball game together and sometimes snowmobile if the snow is good. We were able to fit all of this in plus have FHE at the trampoline park and pizza at George & Lacey's house afterwards. We had a great time! Jan has tons of ornaments on her christmas tree that she's kept over the years and I saw this one and LOVED it! The quality is super blurry but I just think he is so cute- my little David! I imagine our little boy looking like this :)

Now we are back in Provo and David has started his new classes! It wasn't till the day before we left when I realized this would be our last trip to Provo for school! Yay! David will graduate in April. I've started work again at the new rec center which is literally right across the street from our house. I can walk there in 2 minutes. Another perk of working there is a free gym membership! I love the aqua zumba class they have and david loves the machines because of the personalized TV's for him to watch ESPN.

23 weeks! 15 weeks to go :)

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