Monday, February 10, 2014

28 weeks

It's about time for another post! Kraymer got home off his mission on January 18! David and I got to go home for the 3 day weekend and it was so nice to see him and have almost all the family home together! We caught a ride with our family friends the Weilers and then David flew home Monday night to make it in time for his classes Tuesday. I stayed that week and went home Saturday.
Bree and Kraymer

At the airport

It was a fun week with the family and great to have Kraymer home again! It's so nice to have things to look forward to because it's sure making this pregnancy go by relatively fast!

I am 28 weeks tomorrow. 7 months! I'm entering the 3rd trimester! Holy cow it's coming fast, only 10 weeks left! I have a coworker who is due 2 days before me and this was taken at a baby shower last week with all of us. It was so fun! My sisters in law also threw me a baby shower with the Walker/Roylance side of the family while I was home visiting in January! It was so fun and I feel so much more prepared for these babies to come! It was perfect! 

24 weeks

Last week I had an ultrasound with the growth specialist. I have had an ultrasound every 4 weeks with them since 20 weeks. The babies are each 15 inches long and boy is 2 lbs 4 ounces and girl is 2 lbs 3 ounces; both measuring about a week big. The first thing the tech asked me was how tall is your husband?! These babies have long legs! Then the doctor came in afterwards and told me how terrible my 3rd trimester is going to be because a) there's 2 babies and b) they're measuring big plus if I'm anything like my mom, I will go the full 38 weeks. She had to be induced with us at 40 weeks!
26 weeks 5 days

Baby A is our boy and he is the lead baby (closest to the cervix) so he needs to be head down for me to have a normal delivery. Right now he is breach so I am just preparing myself for a C-section so I wont be disappointed if that's what ends up happening. Our baby girl is head down. Last month they were opposite, so there's still time for him to flip; hopefully!

My blood pressure has been back to normal the past couple months; which they say is usually what happens during the 2nd trimester and all my pre eclampsia tests came back normal- lets hope they stay that way! I've gained 10 pounds now total, but 8 of those have been in the last month, so I'm positive I will be packin it on from here on out! 
27 weeks 6 days

Lately I have been feeling the heat waves come on and it's getting uncomfortable to sleep. Thank heavens it is winter though! We have our carseats and rock n play sleepers we are going to have the babies sleep in till we move somewhere in the Fall for dental school. We will put them in a crib then. Also, it has been super hard for me not to buy every baby thing I see! I have to tell myself I can only buy it if they are matching because I can never find anything like that! So I made my first clothes purchase last weekend at babies r us. I would have bought Micky and Minnie outfits too for halloween that they had on sale, but we decided we are going to be packing and moving too many times before Halloween gets here to try and not lose them. So this is the closest match I've found for boy/girl (jammies w/zippers; I'm told they are a must when changing diapers in the middle of the night). Matching boys and girls without them both being feminine or masculine is harder than I thought! 

They both have whales on them if you can't tell.

I have another doctor appointment this thursday and I'm curious if baby boy has flipped! I also have to do the gestational diabetes test this week and I am not looking forward to it! I will be meeting with doctors every 2 weeks from now on to monitor the babies and NST once I hit 30 weeks. I can't believe how fast this is coming up!