Thursday, February 20, 2014


I can't believe I'm posting this, but it's a true picture of how big my belly has gotten in the last month! Ignore the dungeon looking bottom of our staircase. I'm feeling huge! My glucose test went well! I didn't love the drink, but it definitely wasn't terrible. Last week my doctor wanted me to come in again this week to check my weight and blood pressure again because he was a little concerned about preeclampsia for me. So I went in today and both blood pressure and weight were great! He wasn't concerned at all. That's the problem with going to a Dr office with 7 rotating doctors. They each have their own style and opinions and I usually see a different doctor each time.

29 weeks

I love the doctor I saw today- Dr Drewes. I've seen him three times now. I really hope he's on call to deliver my babies! He brought in the U/S machine and both babies are head down now! I was thrilled to find this out! Before he checked, he was like well the nice thing about Baby A being breach is you don't have to choose between a C section or vaginal delivery; cause you don't have a choice, it'll be a C section. Then he was like never mind, looks like he's flipped, they're both head down! I had a feeling they were both head down because in the past I could feel the kicks so much more often on one side and then they'd tell me one was breach; but this past week they both have been so active so I wondered if he (baby A) had flipped. My next appointment is next Friday with the growth specialist, and I can't wait to see how big the twins are! Then the following week I start my NST every week. :)

Here is David's intramural intertube water polo team. They are fun to watch! I think they've only lost one game so far. Sarah and Dexter invited him to play with them. I think all the players on this team are from Washington. I wish so bad I could play with them, but thought it be best that I didn't since I'm pretty far along and it'd be a site to see me try and get back on one of these tubes ha. But I swear every team they've played so far has had a prego lady on their team! Dang I should have played :)

Kraymer came down to Utah about 2 weeks ago and stayed with us for a week. We loved having him here! On the last day, we went to Tucanos and Kraymer and David finally got to experience the hype of it all. I don't think they were expecting to love it as much as they did! Endless meat of everything they could have dreamt of was pretty sweet to them!

*Also, we got a new dryer!!! It's about time! When our neighbors in the upstairs (Julie and Scott) moved out, they took their washer and dryer with them and we fortunately knew of some friends wanting to get rid of theirs, so they just gave them to us. Little did I know, it was a gas hook up dryer and we didn't have that capability. After tumble drying all of our clothes for 5 months, we finally got a new one! It literally took 3 hours for each load to dry and laundry was a 2 day chore. We figured with the babies coming, it was time to get a new one. So I put it on ksl to try and sell and we found someone with an electric dryer who wanted to trade for our gas hook up dryer! We agreed and the next day we made the switch! I can't believe how much I've missed warm dry clothes! Let alone, finishing all the laundry within a couple hours!

** I have also switched departments at work. I am now at guest services, which is the front desk, fitness desk and child watch. I love the front desk!! I get to deal with setting up new memberships and lots of secretarial assignments. This has been perfect for me because they're low risk, desk jobs which will allow me to work longer and keep my membership at the rec center! My doctor said it's best for first time mom's to keep working as long as they can because it will benefit me emotionally to be able to have things to do; instead of stay at home and go stir crazy. I will prob try to work till 33 or 34 weeks, or until the nesting phase sets in. 

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  1. You look amazing! I'm glad both babies have flipped for you! You are getting SO close!!