Thursday, March 13, 2014

3rd Trimester

31 weeks
I feel like things are always changing from day to day that it's pointless to update my blog because it changes the next day! For the past two weeks I have been going in for NST's. My first one was at 30 weeks, 3 days. I went in for an U/S and my doctor preferred I just do a NST right then because of my blood pressure. My bp seems to be high the first time they take it and then we wait a couple min and it's back in the normal range. I think these doctors are just being cautious because preeclampsia can come on pretty fast. I did more blood work and another base line preeclampsia test. All of it came back good! I'm grateful they are doing the worrying for me so I don't have to do it! It makes me feel like my babies and I are in good hands!

32 weeks

So I have been going in for NST twice a week since then and just had my 4th one this morning! Right after my last post, baby boy flipped and was breach again! He stayed in that position for 2 weeks! But this morning, he flipped again and is now head down! We'll see how long he decides to stay in that position. Monday's are my NST's at my doctors office followed by a dr visit and Thursdays are NST's at the hospital. My bp has been good the first time for the past few weeks. It's been ranging in the 125's/80's.

I got my diaper bag the other day! I have a hard time buying things online when I can't see them in person, but a friend in our ward had this brand of diaper bag so I asked her all about them and thought they were way cute! It's a Vera Bradley bag and they went on sale for a couple days; so it worked out perfect for me! It's fabric material and machine washable, so I'm hoping I'll like that.

David signed up for 6 online credits to finish up his GE's and be on track to graduate this April. He initially was just going to do them over the summer but figured he might as well try to hurry through them so he doesn't have to worry about it after we leave Utah in May. So, he's now enrolled in 22 credits! He's been spending every free minute working on these classes and has already finished one online class and has one left!

We start our pre natal classes tonight that I'm really excited about! David is not. It's 3 nights for 2.5 hours each night and he isn't excited about; which, I don't blame him, additional classes on top of classes all day doesn't sound too appealing. Hopefully we will learn some good things though! All I imagine them being like is the classes off the movie Baby Mama. Haha. 


  1. HAHA Baby Mama is one of my favorite movies! that and what to expect when expecting. (I think that's what its called!) you look great. you are getting so close!

  2. Cute bag! I have to laugh as I read your last paragraph. Poor Dave he'll be a good dad :) P.S. You look great. P.P.S. No really I can't believe your having twins, you're tiny for twins.