Tuesday, April 15, 2014


35 weeks

My mom and Karigan came to Provo for a few days during their spring break and helped me get ready for the babies to come! We got all the newborn - 3 month clothes washed and my hospital bag packed! It was a lot of fun having them here! We got to visit two of my aunts and a few cousins while they were here too! Of course brick oven, scalp treatments and shopping were on the to-do list while they were here :)

We also went to an art exhibit that was displayed on campus at the M.O.A.  There were beautiful pictures and a fun change to our normal routine. 

On March 22, we went to our annual Eppich Reunion weekend at Wolf Creek that my aunt Marie and aunt Tami organize for us every year! We always have a good time playing lots of cards, racquetball, tennis and this year watching March Madness.

They also threw a family baby shower for me that was so cute! Erin organized a game with 8 different baby foods w/o labels and we had to guess what flavor they were based on the color. I think I got 1 right haha. I'm so lucky to have such fun aunts and cousins! Of course I didn't get any other pictures of the rest of the weekend. Hopefully I'm better at remembering to take pics when the babies come.

My good friend through me a baby shower the next weekend and it was so fun to see old and new friends! We played a game where everyone had to estimate how round my belly was and measure out a piece of yarn. Whoever was closest to my actual size was the winner! There were only a couple who really over estimated how big I am ha, that could have been a discouraging game ;)

I love it when I find semi matching outfits! :)

My good friend Julie made these. She's so talented! I can't wait to get some newborn pics of the babies in these!

My mom wasn't in town for the baby shower but sent these blankets to Utah for me to open during the shower. I was completely surprised! I thought she was going to pop out around the corner or something. When I sent her a picture of the cute invitations Shanie made, she said she had to send them because the elephants matched perfectly :) I will love holding the babies in these blankets, they are sooo soft!!

I'm so lucky to have these awesome friends!

High school friends! Kelsey and Jenn. Jenn's twins were the life of the party! They are so cute and were talking to everybody there, it was so fun to see how they interacted with each other. Such happy babies!

The other game we played was a price is right game. Shanie had bought lots of baby essentials and we had to guess how much each item cost and who ever was closest to the overall total was the winner. These babies are going to be more expensive than I thought, my price was way under!

Lots of friends that came are moms and it was fun to hear their advice and birth stories!

Sucking on her toes!

This is our baby girl! And the only 3D picture we were able to get. With two babies inside and the membrane separating the two, there's lots of shadows so every time we try to get a 3D pic it never works; except for today! This was when I was 34 1/2 weeks. Baby girl is beating her brother in stats now! She weighed 5lb 10 oz. (measurings a week ahead) Baby boy was 5lb 8 oz. (measuring 6 days ahead) This picture made David and I feel so bad for her because that is her toes she's sucking on! She's probably so squished inside. It's kinda cute but cannot be comfortable :) The doctors said the babies are putting on about a half pound each week so they are estimating the babies are each about 6.5 - 7 lbs now! Holy smokes!

David's intramural water polo team made it to the quarter finals. My mom and Karigan got to see him play. He's really good and one of the best goalies! The opposing teams always tell him how they don't like playing against him cause it's so hard to score on him. They won the first game and got to play another game right after; which, unfortunately they lost. David really looked forward to his games and had a fun season with this team! My mom took the above picture of me and David. It was in between the two games. David's coming up for a pep talk. Life-guarding while I was at BYU gave me lots of time to watch water polo and learn the secrets/techniques to winning - plus I think I'm pretty good since Kort and my team won the championship when we played a couple years ago ;)

My handsome husband :)

My doctor told us to go on lots of dates since this will be the last month being just the two of us. David loves Chinese food and so we looked online for a good restaurant and found this little place. It was fun because it was a hit! We loved the food and it was cheaper than Panda!

It's not a good sign that we are already falling asleep/exhausted and the babies aren't even here yet!
Our friends, the Rowley's, invited us over to watch the Saturday Sessions of General Conference and although it doesn't look like it, we did watch most of it! That night we went to my aunt Marie's house for a pizza party. After dinner, the boys went to priesthood session and the girls played cards! Once their session was over, the boys came back and we had banana splits. 

Then on Sunday we drove up to Alpine to watch conference with the Petersons/Roylances. We played some hilarious games in between the two sessions. One was a mix between awkward family photos and the game of things and then we played telestrastions. It was a blast!

I think I am 33-34 weeks in this picture. 

David holding his prize

BYU threw a graduation party for all seniors and David won a raffle! It is the 3 pack of Back to the Future DVDs in blue ray and a few bags of popcorn. Neither of us have seen all three and we were just excited to get called out cause there were so many people there! The party had free bowling, pizza, burgers, ice cream, game stations and a raffle. 

They also had spiders and snakes! This is david holding a tarantula! He started chasing me around with it! I think he was trying to get me to go into labor. Ew I hate spiders! The best part of the party was that Vocal Point performed! Out of all 4 years I was at BYU i had never seen them live. They were so entertaining and such amazing singers, I loved it! 

36 weeks 3 days

I'm not to the point were I wake up every morning thinking this could be the day the babies come, but it definitely could be! My doctors and pregnancy apps tell me 80-90% of twins are born by the 36-37th week. During my 35 week appointment, my doctor said I was dilated to 2cm. The next week I went in and a different doctor told me I was dilated to 1cm+ so I guess it just depends on the doctor! He did say I was 50-60% effaced tho. That seems like a lot to me! It seems what i've heard from other mom's that softening is what is important!

Going to dinner and catching up with friends! Bridgette and I were in the same ward freshman year and have stayed great friends! She and her husband live in Salt Lake now, so we don't get to see them as often as we'd like. It was a fun night tho!

I stopped working on the 11th so this is my first week of not having to go anywhere! I got so much stuff done yesterday! I feel like I am now ready for the babies to come whenever they want. We got their little rock n sleepers set up and have the car seats and hospital bags waiting in our living room. Lately I have felt bad for separating the babies, but with us moving 2 weeks after they are born, we didn't want to buy a crib and transport it to Washington. We will just wait and see how they do and put them in a crib together once we are settled more permanently. 

I am 37 weeks as of today! The babies are both still head down too! I have been continuing going in twice a week for NST's and Dr visits. I am beyond excited for my doctor's appointment tomorrow. It will be the last one before we get to meet the babies! Every dr appt has the mind set of let's just take it one week at a time because usually twins wont make it to 38 weeks. But they have all told me that they will not let me go a day after 38 weeks. So i'm assuming tomorrow we will be setting an induction date and who knows maybe I will have progressed enough that they come on their own before next Tuesday- I can only hope :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Your SO close! Hang in there! I can't wait to see pictures and hear names! good luck with everything! you are going to be an amazing mom!

  2. YAY! Good luck with everything! And let the fun begin!!